Are you no longer taking classes in your local scene?

Do you feel like you’ve outgrown them?

Are you a good dancer, want to get better, but don’t quite know how?

Are you interested having your Lindy Hop mind blown?

Then save the dates to work with KEVIN & JO:

September 15-17, 2017 in San Francisco, CA



OUR VISION of San Francisco Lindy Tech is a workshop where a small group of dancers come together to work intensively on improving their dancing from the bottom-up. For three days, we expect that you are prepared to work hard, are interested in fine-tuning your new skills during practice sessions, and are ready to delve in to this magical thing we call Lead & Follow. To give you an idea about how much scheduled content there will be: 10 hours of classes with Kevin & Jo and 5 hours of practice time in smaller groups.

OUR GOAL with small group practice is that participants help each other with the material and polish the rough edges. Kevin & Jo will be at the final practice sessions to provide music, rotate students, and answer question, but mostly it’s time for you to tinker with your dancing.

WE ACCEPT UP TO 15 LEADERS & 15 FOLLOWERS in each level for the workshop. This will allow us to provide more personalized feedback. You do not need to sign up as a couple, however it is appreciated to help us keep it balanced. We have an application process, which acts similarly to a level test, in order to confirm weekend expectations are appropriate, skill level of the participants are similar, and that students are motivated, self-aware, and enjoy a challenge.

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Ted Stanley

Kevin and Jo are two of the sexiest dancers on this planet. So when I got back from SFLT, everyone thought I would have some sexy new moves. But I did NOT. SFLT is easily the un-sexiest workshop I have ever been to. And that's why it was SO. AWESOME. No crazy moves; I found out h

Andrew Jose

Lindy Tech was the most enjoyable and memorable workshop experience I've ever had. I got to work with fun, enthusiastic, and excellent dancers that were just SO happy to be there and nerd out with me on their rock step. Kevin and Jo provide such a warm and pleasant learning environment that it hardl...

Jen Barnett

I attended SFLT last year and it had an amazing positive effect on my ability to feel balanced and secure in my movements as well as my accuracy in following. When my partner and I got home after the workshop, people thought we where social dancing mini choreo’s because they couldn’t believe the s

Matteo Mannino

Lindy Tech. You thought this whole time you knew how to shift your weight. You believed in your heart you were stepping straight back on your rock-step. You had to audacity to believe you could lead a triple-step. Well, Kevin and Jo are going to f*ck. you. up. You know how when you were a child a...

Kelly Young

If you are looking for something to kickstart your dancing, Lindy Tech is it! Two years later and I’m still working on and exploring concepts we went over during this amazing intensive. This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in your technique as well as spend some quality time with two

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